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// Game // Asteroids Clone

A simple Asteroids style game prototype made in Unity 5.

Games have an incredible power to make us feel things: empowered, frustrated, relaxed, triumphant, frightened, ...

How does Asteroids, an incredibly simple, nearly 30-year-old game, make the player feel? For me, it's a kind of hopeless terror. I imagine drifting forever in that inky void, beset constantly by an endless hail of asteroids. There are no planets offering a safe haven, no companions to share this tragic existence. Just a desperate fight to delay an inevitable death. Despite the chirpy sound effects and cartoonish simplicity, I can't play this game with feeling a bit depressed.

With this prototype I wanted to feed on that feeling. The stark, black-and-white asteroids seem bleak and rigid. The only color is a blood-red trail that seeps from your engines wherever you go. The only sounds are the static crackle of your ship and the jarring explosions as you destroy chunks of rock. And of course, those screaming skulls that slip by in the darkness. They're not even your enemy...they don't care about you at all. 



⦂ mouse-oriented movement

⦂ screen shake

⦂ particle effects

⦂ object pooling

⦂ custom animations

⦂ audio effects

All sprites are rendered from 3D objects. I found this to be a quick and effective way to generate realistic objects with easy variation. Each asteroid sprite, for example, is rendered from the same asteroid model at various angles.


FUN FACT: the asteroids are actually from NASA 3D scans of meteorites. http://nasa3d.arc.nasa.gov/models